Monday, January 24, 2011

Girly Birthday T's

Big boy and his playmates are turning 3 this year - wow. Weren't we just half asleep, hauling around bucket carriers and talking about starter foods?! Nonetheless, this age of toddler independence is lots of fun and we're ready to welcome another year of bliss. This past weekend we attended a birthday party for our sweet twin friends. The bash was held at the local nature museum and the kiddos had a blast. It's a favorite spot for playdates on cold/hot/rainy days, and this time we got a hands on meeting with a few of the animal residents too!

I'm always keeping an eye out for blank items to embroider, and was lucky enough to score a pair of pink Gap tees on sale last fall. I immediately pegged them for the twins' birthday gifts. I found this layered applique heart over at Planet Applique. If you embroider, go get it - it's a terrific freebie!

Both fabrics are from my stash. They're actually remnants from the shopping cart cover I made...must post on that project soon! I added each girl's initial in the center. If memory serves (preggo brain is somethin' else), I'm pretty sure it's the Techie font from Monogram Wizard. It just so happens to match their backpacks.  The camera flash made the print show thru the solid aqua more so than in person. Perhaps next time I could double up, line or cutaway to avoid any show thru, but I think they looked sweet no matter!

Plans for big boy's 3rd birthday bash are already in motion around here. Hopefully it will work out to be a fun, simple affair. It's so easy to get revved up with all of the cute ideas floating around the internet and blog-o-sphere. Here's to keeping my nesting instinct focused and equally spread out over the many projects in the works!

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