Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Girly Burp Cloths

I whipped up these two fancy burp cloths a few weeks pre-baby. One for us and one for a friend who welcomed a baby girl just 2 weeks after baby sister's arrival. The floral fabric is a Circo (Target) soft flannel blanket that I thrifted. I loved the colors, it was brand new and a total fabric bargain at only 75 cents! The coordinating rick rack just happened to be in my stash left over from big brother's nursery curtains

Due to my nesting frenzy, I didn't think to take pictures of the (very few and basic) steps involved. So here's a text style tutorial. I promise they are super easy to make!

 1. Prewash + dry your fabric and plain burp cloths
2. Measure the middle, thick panel of the burp cloth. They're often uneven, so be your own judge and make the best rectangle you can.
3. Add a quarter to a half inch to the rectangular measurement for a seam allowance and cut fabric accordingly
4. Fold and iron under the seam allowance of cut fabric panel
5. Measure and cut desired lengths of rick rack
6. Place fabric panel over rick rack, turning under rick rack ends and pin in place over the burp cloth mid panel
7. Sew around the panel. Quick tip: I usually keep white thread in my bobbin and use a matching color on top. 
8. You're done - burp away baby!

And just for kicks, here's a few more I've made along the way:
personalized embroidered burp cloths
more fabric burp cloths

We're still without a schedule around here, but I've got a few embroidery projects lined up for baby sister. I'll share once they're complete!


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