Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Things

Ever since we found out baby #2 is a GIRL!!!, I've had practically nothing but babies on the brain. I still think of my little boy as a baby, but looking at the size of a newborn onesie quickly jolts me into a new reality.  We're slowly starting to work on moving our boy to his big boy room and converting the nursery into girly-land. Lots to do over the next several months, but lots of fun as our family prepares to grow!

Speaking of babies, I made a couple of bib & burp cloth sets for my mother to give as gifts recently. The baby girl has 4 initials, so I wasn't quite sure how to accomodate. Thank goodness for Facebook and Yahoo Group user suggestions!
I went will all 4 initials on the bib, and used the first two only on the burp cloth. The patch is the same one used here but without the additional applique inside. I don't remember the exact fonts I used, but they came from Monogram Wizard. I kept with pink letters and used white mini polka dots on black fabric for the patch. Sweet & simple!

For the baby boy gift, I chose to applique the bib and monogram the burp cloth. I really like this set - so sweet!
The adorable elephant came from Applique Alley and the font is another from good ol' Monogram Wizard. I used a gray print fabric from my stash and kept the theme simple with gray and black thread.

Now I'm off to work on several other gifts...we've got a couple of birthday parties and baby showers to attend. More to come soon!


  1. Hello Kathryn, I just discovered your blog and the wonderful things that you make for your baby boy. I will soon be the proud grandma of a baby boy and would love to make some lovely things for him. I've sewn forever and made things for my three girls but sewing for a boy seems more challenging. I love the outfits you've made especially the seersucker and gingham, what sweet choices. Can I ask what embroidery machine you have? I was thinking this may be the time for me to invest in one, as there will probably be more grandchildren in the next few years. Thanks, Pam

  2. Thanks & I agree Pam. Boys are a challenge to sew for, but that's what makes the end products so special! I have a Bernina Deco embroidery machine. It's great, but I wouldn't mind upgrading soon. It's addictive! :)



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