Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby's First Embroidery

Summer may be coming to a close, but my crafty endeavors are just beginning for baby sister. I finally found some extra time to whip up a personalized burp cloth. I mentioned before on my Facebook page, I've got them all over the house, just never in the exact spot I end up needing one. So here's another to add to the laundry load!


I started by sewing polka dot grosgrain ribbon to the bottom hem of a Gerber organic diaper cloth. After browsing all of my Monogram Wizard Plus fonts, I decided to use 3 different fonts to spell her name...yes, I'm a nut, lean towards obsessive compulsive, and always seem to make things harder than need be. But isn't that why we crafters create? - to make exactly what we want and uniquely so to boot!
- E is Exact, LL is Fletch and A is Curly Q -

Big brother's first embroidery was the same (but with his name in a more masculine font of course), so now I have a pair of baby keepsakes. Good thing they are absorbent because I am sure they will wipe my tears when I fondly reminisce of baby days.

For now we are enjoying our precious chubby bundle's sweet smiles and coos. She's pictured above on a blanket made by her great-grandmother, and is wearing her mommie's very own vintage bubble suit!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Reads

Hello there! Our summer continues to be filled with caring for my two most precious creations - big brother and baby sister. However, I've got a few small projects waiting for me on the dining room table along with my sewing machine. I'm ready to get back to it!

Today we braved the heat (which doesn't happen often unless necessary...hello fall? we're ready!) and made our way out to pick up some library books. I often come across blog posts that share favorite reads of preschoolers. I check the story lines out online, add them to our hold request list if they look appealing and hope we'll find exciting new stories. We've tried LOTS, and sadly most don't hold big brother's (or my) attention. However, today we hit the jackpot so I thought I'd share. 

Our local nature museum has the sweetest, cutest pair of owls. We've visited the mommy and baby owl more times than I can count, so I had high hopes this book would be a hit and it is!

This one was spotted first on our holds stack and met with "Mommie look - bunnies!" Adorable animals are an instant attraction at our house!

Both books have well told, sweet stories. The illustrations are beautiful, and really hold my 3 year old's attention. We read them as soon as we got home, and Daddy was requested to read them again at bedtime. Ahhh, sweet summer reading satisfaction with worthiness of future purchases!


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