Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sweet Citrus

Voila! Mommie-made felt fruit slices for a certain little boy's Easter basket. I can't wait to be served all kinds of fruity drinks and things from the play kitchen this summer!

Here's my how-to:
I started by cutting out 3" circles from felt sheets. Then I cut slightly smaller circles of quilt batting, and cut them in half. They fit perfectly inside the felt when you fold the circles in half to make the slices! I pinned and machine stitched the edges aka rinds. Then I marked and stitched the segment details with a slightly larger stitch than the one used around the edge.

After last week's basket liner project, these were a breath of easy fresh air! I plan to make more and may stitch some of the segment details prior to stuffing and sealing next time. A plump, juicy wedge of fruit is always a delicious treat! YUM!

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