Thursday, March 4, 2010

Creativity Emerges

2010 has brought about surge of creativity for me. So much so that I finally bought a blank journal to log the never-ending ideas I seem to keep coming up with and stumbling upon. My mommie-brain just couldn't keep up! While eating dinner tonight, I picked up a section of the weekend paper I had yet to read, and stumbled across my horoscope: "Your creativity emerges. Observe an unusual abundance of feelings that exists between you and others. Enjoy the moment." How fantastically fitting AND it gave the day 5 stars! I love finding these kinds of things. Just like I enjoy déjà vu because it makes me feel like I'm somehow on the right path...but I digress. This particular horoscope corresponded with my son's 2nd birthday which was a GREAT day. Full of fun, family, friends, and my creative efforts outfitting an adorable (if-i-do-say-so-myself!) train party. I enjoyed so many moments, both in preparing for the big day and during. More to come on the train party soon!


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