Monday, July 5, 2010

My Little Firecracker

This navy tee was destined for craftiness after I picked it up at a spring consignment sale thinking it was completely blank. After returning home with my treasures, I discovered a small resort logo stitched underneath the pinned-on sale tag. Grrrrr. Note to self - make sure to look everywhere, including under the tags from now on. But I still managed to come out ahead of that sneakiness!

I found the adorable (and free!) embroidery file here at Planet Applique, and all supplies came from my existing stash. For the main design, I used red, blue & gold thread on white fabric. After stitching out the file, I cut an oval border with my pinking shears. Then I layered it on top of a red & white gingham square...that just so happens to nicely cover the resort logo! I outlined and attached the square to the shirt in white zig-zag stitches, and used a red, elongated stitch within the oval.
Thanks to my friend Traci for providing the inspiration for this handsome creation - it suits my busy cutie perfectly!

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