Friday, July 9, 2010

The First Romper

I can hardly believe that I made my son his first homemade romper 2 whole years ago! How far we've come from the days of baby boy delights and sleepless nights. This mommie is sooo thankful for sleep in toddler-land! Thinking back, I'm astonished and quite proud that I actually made this little outfit. It was the start of a brand new creative path that I am so happy to be walking on!

Materials & Construction: I used Easy McCall's pattern #2033, minus pockets, and cut to size 1 with generous seam allowances as my son was only 6 months old at his first wear. The striped fabric was in my stash, and the front lining was leftover from the nursery curtains my mother made...have I mentioned this creative thing runs in the family?! The bee embroidery is from Embroidery Library. (it's so sweet that I've also used it here) I omitted the center bloom and inserted a monogram instead:
One of the biggest challenges was working with snap tape for the first time. It was a big puzzle of sorts, but I'm impressed with how professional it turned out!The first romper was great practice and still hangs in his closet...I can't bring myself to pack it up just yet. He wore it from 6 months to 15 months. I'm not quite sure how that feat happened as he is outgrowing clothing at record speeds currently. At least I got good use out of the pattern - check out my other fun rompers here and here!

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