Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adjustable Art Smock

I've been eyeing the waterproof smocks at our local children's museums, and finally got around to making one for my boy. Our easel and play table are daily activity zones, so why not sew something fun to protect all of those mommie-made creations?! Thank goodness for washable markers and crayons tho. Toddler creativity most always goes waaay beyond the seams of a smock!

I found a great tutorial here that practically mirrors the aprons we use while splashing in the museum water tables. I made my pattern even smaller than suggested, but it still turned out a tad larger than I'd hoped. Oh well - all the more to cover up with!

The fabric is a cotton with laminate overlay - Annette Tatum's Blue Alphabet. It was my first time sewing on this type of (genius!) material, and I found it easiest to stitch on the cotton/wrong side when possible. (more great laminated cotton sewing tips here and here) The adjustable ties are color coordinated blue twill tape. Just zig-zag those ends and you've got yourself a chic no-sew shortcut! I left the ties long to accommodate big boy's growth, and so they could be wrapped around the front and back again. What a tidy and fashionable artiste!

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  1. You did a great job! WOW! So cute! Love that pattern of oil cloth!



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