Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fire Truck Party: Part Two

I revealed the invites and several key themed accessories in Part One . Now on to the actual event! It was so much fun (& easy!) to plan, plus it didn't cost a fortune. Birthday party success!

I used the birthday boy's Ikea easel to welcome our guests. Yellow chalk and a couple of printable party logos instantly set the theme. (more on the logos below) Aren't the polka dot balloons fun too?!

I pondered how I was going to create this year's birthday banner...I wanted something simple but all of my ideas were complicated. Thankfully a trip to Dollar Tree saved the day! I found this red and black banner, and the only flaw it had were monster truck icons on each end and the center - ha! I simply had Maureen of AndersRuff create a firetruck and "3rd" circle printable logo to transform my bargain banner. Themed perfection!

Now on to the cupcakes...mmmnnnnn! In the past I've created a themed cake, but again, I wanted to keep things simple this year. Cupcakes are so easy and fun for all ages. There are SO many adorable decorating ideas floating around, so I decided to jump on board the toppers craze. My pal Maureen of AndersRuff created the cutest printable toppers. I had so much fun punching, cutting and assembling - you can't beat no mess decorating!
Our dining room buffet was the perfect display for the cupcakes. I used red and white polka dot fabric to highlight the scene. Big thanks to my mom for supplying the cake stands and white trays. And I couldn't resist using a favorite fire truck, firefighter and accessories to round out the table!
I'd love to say the cupcakes were made from scratch, but alas they are from cake mix. However, it's seriously the best cake in my opinion! Dr. Oetker makes the yummiest organic flavors and are my go-to for special occasions. I used Jacinda's Decorator Icing recipe from Prudent Baby and piped it on in sweet swirls. (I used the butter + vegetable shortening minus transfat + meringue powder version, and it was ah-mazing!) They were absolutely delicious and happily consumed by all...especially by this pregnant mommie!
Party day was super, including the weather. The firetruck and it's crew were prompt, gentle with the kids and achieved near rock star status. After the cupcakes, ice cream cups and "fire extinguishers" (aka juice boxes) were consumed, everyone kept busy with indoor toys or the backyard playset. We are so lucky to have such great friends and family - kids and adults alike!

After the birthday blitz settled, it was time for thank you notes. (Proper Southerner here!) I re-printed the backside of the party invite to use as a notecard and used the same envelopes and labels as before.

Thanks again to all who celebrated the big day with us, and thanks to you for taking the time to check it out!

Party Printables including Invites, Toppers & Logos - AndersRuff Custom Designs
Printing - Office Depot and my home HP PhotoSmart
Polka Dot fabric & balloons - Hobby Lobby
Basic Banner, Yellow Napkins - Dollar Tree
Cupcake Liners & Topper Sticks - Michaels
Dr. Oetker Vanilla Cake Mix - Earthfare
Red Plates - Target
White Napkins - Ikea
Vanilla & Chocolate individual Ice Cream Cups - WalMart
Photography - Maureen Anders & yours truly ;)


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