Monday, December 6, 2010

Their joyful tone, to every home...will my 2010 Christmas cards happen?!

Much to my dismay, I have yet to create, order, address or send my Christmas cards. Please tell me I'm not the only one! We haven't received any yet, so perhaps I am not as far behind as I think and feel? I have been diligently decorating the house, crafting some homemade lovelies, and trying my best to stay on task during this busy season. I promise to share some of my crafty fun shortly, but for now Shutterfly has come to my holiday greeting rescue!*

I'm a big fan of all things personalized, and can't wait to get started with cards like these:

Speaking of further to-dos regarding photos, I started a new tradition a few years back of giving the grandparents photo calendars. They are always a big hit.  And in true southern form, I'm a big advocate of thank you cards and notes. Wouldn't these be the cutest all winter long?!

Little boy saw Santa both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so hopefully we scored at least one decent photo to use in our card. He proudly wore his holiday ensemble that I can't wait to reveal - stay tuned!!

*In full disclosure, I'm entering a Shutterfly promo for 50 free holiday photo cards. When I heard they were rewarding bloggers who share the love of personalized products, I was ready to face my self-inflicted annual card challenge!

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