Monday, November 22, 2010

Kicks, Crafts & Additions

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Two of my favorite things combined last week...The Rockettes & Martha Stewart! I was overjoyed to see the girls open Martha's show and even stick around to craft with her. I proudly auditioned to be a high-kicking Rockette back in my dancing days, and would currently love to craft with Martha...a creative girl always has a dream, right?!  Hop over to if you missed the fun. The lobby of Radio City Music Hall even got the Martha treatment!

And with all of this talk about the Rockettes, it must officially be the holiday season. Is Thanksgiving really only 3 short days away?! At this point on the calendar, I usually have my son's holiday apparel stitched, pressed and hung waiting in the closet for holiday photos and events. This year the materials are still waiting for the magic to begin - aaaccckk! This mommie's got to get a move on. But my moves are a tad slower right now because baby #2 is baking away! It's been a rough 1st trimester, so I'm eager for some 2nd trimester relief. My mom will be visiting this week, so I'm thankful (as always!) for her cooking, crafting and decorating helping hands. Here's to kicking off my favorite time of year...and feeling some little baby kicks soon!

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  1. You should try out again! You could do it! Even prego ;_)



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