Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

It's teacher appreciation week at preschool...not sure how Valentine's week was chosen instead of the typical May celebration, but c'est la vie. The children are asked to bring in a flower for each teacher, so last year I started the handmade tradition. Tissue paper flowers were lots of fun, but this year I felt inspired to keep the materials uniform. And I loved the results!

It all started with a segment I caught awhile back on The Martha Stewart Show. I knew such a simple, yet lovely craft would come in handy one day! After watching a refresher how-to via video tutorial, I grabbed my pack of pipe cleaners and got to work. Instead of using a ring finger as my starting base, I grabbed a small wooden dowel. I ended up with a smaller loop better suited to thread the flower stem through. Each stem is a green pipe cleaner folded in half. I worked the 2 ends into the flower head, and then twisted to make the stem a tad bit thicker and more sturdy.

Before we headed off to school this morning, I added a sweet tag to each blossom in honor of teacher apprecation. You can print a free sheet of your very own tags over at eighteen25 - one of my new favorite blog finds!

Big boy was so cute & proud carrying in these mommie-made florals. His teachers (and a few others) seemed to love them too - success! Thank you teachers for shaping our children and giving mommie some much appreciated child-free craft time!

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