Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Snowman

Summer is lingering way too long around these parts if you ask me!  Luckily we are waking up to cooler mornings, but by lunch, the taste of fall is gone and summer makes an ugly return.  I'm ready for fall leaves instead of dead crispy ones falling when the hot dry wind blows.  So in an effort to keep (my) cool, I whipped up this little winter number for my boy:

I've been trying a different applique process other my norm, and officially decided after this stitch-out that I will return to my usual.  Normally I stitch the applique outline on paper and cut out the fabric piece(s) by paper pattern(s).  An alternate method is to stitch down small squares of fabric and then cut them closely to the stay seam with applique scissors before the final edging.  I've definitely decided that I like prepping everything ahead of time, and then just going for it.  It's less annoying to me and provides a tidier finish in my opinion.  You never know until you try! (please pardon the shop talk non-applique-rs!)

The snowman face turned out a little more shabby chic than polished to me.  And I think in his case, it works!  I found him over at Planet Applique.  Join their mailing list for monthly freebies that are super cute like this one.  I can hardly wait for temperatures to drop enough to wear long sleeves again.  Here's to a cool down - FAST ...and a little snow this winter wouldn't hurt one bit!

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