Saturday, May 8, 2010

Food for Thought

Mmnnn! Just made these delicious (and super easy!) granola bars today, and had to share the recipe. I DVR "The Martha Stewart Show" daily and was pleased to catch this particular treat. I used ingredients we already had on-hand, but certainly appreciate the ability to prepare this for others with food allergies. I also used raisins instead of chocolate chips as my little one somehow did not inherit his parent's love of cocoa concoctions. So proud he prefers fruit!

And speaking of preparing food for my sweet bambino, check out the lastest blog I'm obsessing over: Another Lunch. I immediately broke out my cookie cutters for his bento lunches this past week...why hadn't I thought of it before?! My fellow bento-using hometown bestie turned me on to this site and I can't thank her enough. The photos, ideas and products are too much crafty/nerdy fun not to share! Cute waste-free healthy lunches rock!

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