Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Thoughts of Crafty-ness

Maybe it's Spring Fever or just a lull, but I'm finding it hard to pick my next project. My inspiration list is only growing, yet that one special spark hasn't fired me up. So to possibly ignite some creative energies, here's a random list of things and ideas on my mind.

1. My lovely husband recently proclaimed he would clean up the home office in order to provide me a dedicated sewing space. I am aflutter with dreamy color schemes, organizational efforts and the coming reality of having my machines ready at all times. A wall it may be, but I'm in heaven I tell ya.

2. My hands may not be busy, but my mind is craving crafty food-for-thought via books and blogs. Check out some inspirational work sites here and here - oh my! My library hold list is hearty and I was excited to check-out and read thru Handmade Home this evening. Project Mama's Bag jumped immediately on my to-do list!

3. I continually strive to hone my domestic goddess skills. Housework is just that - work. One day I hope to have a better plan or schedule suited for the tasks at hand. But for now I will enjoy the daily highs and hope to improve the lows tomorrow. Cooking can be such a if only my kitchen would keep itself clean!

4. And lastly, here's to projects past and future. Creating is not just an outlet for me, but an expression of love. I am so thankful to be sentimental, southern and crafty!

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